Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2013 doTERRA promotions!

Awesome promotion this month!!!
 Everyone's favorite Deep Blue Rub and Deep Blue roll on for FREE with 200 point order!!!

 So what do you get for that 200PV order (usually around $235 or more spent, with tax and shipping)? You get Deep Blue, but not just a 5ml bottle or a Deep Blue Rub; no, for your 200PV order in April this year you get both the 10ml Deep Blue Roll On ($64 wholesale) and a tube of Deep Blue Rub ($29.25)! So you’re basically getting a 50% bonus on your order—and that’s in addition to any Loyalty Rewards Points you might receive.

In my case, I get 30% of my PV back as Rewards Points, which can add up quite quickly if you’re ordering doTERRA every month. For those that have been on doTERRA’s LRP for a year, they’re now getting 30% back as additional products (plus shipping and a $3 handling fee for each 100PV redeemed). Best-case, then, for an order of 200PV they would receive the $93.25 in Deep Blue products, and another 60 points to be used towards a future rewards redemption.

If you’re wondering what Deep Blue is good for, it has a blend of Wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus essential oils that help ease aching joints and sore muscles, along with helping to reduce inflammation. I use the Deep Blue Rub on my neck on occasion when it’s sore , and the effect is almost immediate. The first time you try it Deep Blue can be almost overwhelming, so start with a small dose, but at least in my case I’ve found that I’m used to it now. I also rub it into my hands when they’re feeling sore from a long bout of typing.
My dad uses the Deep Blue rub paired with lemongrass for his arthritis.

 There’s more to the promotions and incentives than the Deep Blue promotion. The Product of the Month is another good one: DigestZen essential oil blend for digestive issues. Thankfully I don’t have chronic heartburn problems or acid reflux, and the same goes for my husband, but on occasion I do eat something that disagrees with me. You get the Product of the Month with your 125PV+ LRP order (which you’ll already be doing since you want the Deep Blue, right?), which is a free 5ml bottle of DigestZen—a 15ml bottle goes for $31.00, so this is a $10.33 value, which is better than last month’s $6.67 5ml bottle of Breathe. In order to recieve the DigestZen you have to place your order before April 15th!

There are a few more discounted items to discuss. For the month of April, PB Assist+ (a probiotic/pre-biotic supplement) is 10% off for the month of April. While doTERRA recommends this as something you take for 10 days periodically, like most probiotic supplements you can benefit by taking them daily for an extended period of time.

I will be posting more about all of these products this month.

To take advantage of any of these promotions leave me a comment below or e-mail me at doterraabetterway@gmailcom.


  1. 200 points, that is a great deal !!

  2. Replies
    1. This is one of our favorite products. I am so excited to take advantage of this deal!

  3. I had a question about this deep blue promotion. When I place my 200PV LRP order, do I get the deep blue? Or do I have to place a NON-LRP order to recieve these free? Please advise.


    1. It has to be a LRP order in order for this promotion to work.

    2. Yes when you place a 200PV LRP the deep should come with your order along with the DigestZen.

    3. Hi Everyone,
      I just called doterra customer service. The person I spoke to stated that any order over 200PV would recieve the free deep blue. Other IPC's I have spoken to also say that you can place as many 200PV orders as you want and recieve the deep blue each time.

    4. Thanks Good to know. I was told that it had to be a LRP order.

    5. No problem! I just wanted to make sure if I place an LRP and a non-LRP order both over 200PV each that I would recieve the deep blue both times. I was not sure on the LRP because it was not showing up on my order form (like it did for 0.00 when I put in a standard order), so I called customer service to be sure. Any order should work and I verified this with doterra customer service earlier today.

  4. This is definitely going on my wish list! <3